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You call this dirty, I call this art.
You know someone is important in your life when you wake up randomly at 3am and that certain someone crosses your mind. More than likely they add value to your life or they add something positive. Treat them well and never let them go.
β€” The Khool Haus (via thekhoolhaus)
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my heart’s a stereo

it beats for you

so listen close

hear my thoughts

in every note



haven’t really drawn my bebes in a while so HERE’S THIS. Oh and I also made a speedpaint video for this :D
Anonymous: What is your hidden talent?

Having a soprano voice… I don’t sing no more though so I guess you can call it a hidden talent no? :)

Fuck !
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I changed my theme and now when I try re-adding streampad none of my songs will play ! Grrr. Now to find each one of them in my guzzillions of posts.